Teen Patti vs Poker Difference

Card games are hugely popular all over the world for hundreds of years. It doesn’t matter where you live, a card game is likely to have originated in your local culture. While some of these games may seem to be very similar, others can be found in completely different countries. Teen Patti is one example of such a game, as is poker. Teen Patti and Poker offer a lot of entertainment for players, but they come from very different cultures and backgrounds. Both are quite different but both can be accessed online with great ease.

This is especially true when you use Betshah, which offers Teen Patti as well as a variety of poker variants in real-time form, allowing players to feel the excitement and thrill of both of these card games. Players who are interested in either one of these games should be aware of the differences. This can have an impact on how they play.

What is Teen Patti?

You must look at the differences between these two card games when discussing them. Teen Pati was developed in Northern India and is often compared to poker for its popularity. The game is also known as Flash, or 3 Patti. It’s a popular family game that is often played at family meals and festivals. Teen Patti is a game that involves less strategy and more luck than poker.

Each player receives three cards, which they face down. Here is where luck plays a part. The game is similar to poker in that the winner must have the best hand combination to win the round. Although they are not poker-like, these combinations have an ascending worth that determines who wins the pot. This is another similarity to any poker variant.

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Take a look at poker

There have been many variations of poker over the years. Each variant is slightly different from the others. No matter what version you play, winning requires strategy. We’ll be comparing Texas Holdem, the most well-known poker variant. Each player is given two cards. They are the only ones who see them. The three communal cards are then dealt.

In a series of rounds, two additional cards are added to the community cards. Players will place bets during each round. This increases the pot size until all cards are dealt. To win the pot, players must form the best hand possible. This is composed of five cards. It can include any combination of cards from their hand and community cards.

Strategy versus chance

We’ve already mentioned that Teen Patti relies on luck, while Texas Holdem requires strategy. Poker has five cards that any player can use. By watching other players, you can determine how they act. You can also guess which cards they might have based on the cards already out or those that have been dealt with before. Influence comes from other players.

Teen Patti, on the other side, is utterly blind to their cards. The only thing that can influence the outcome of the game is luck. Teen Patti allows players to look at their cards whenever they wish and then can decide whether to place a bet. This removes the excitement of poker. Players can still bet on the highest card, but they cannot place wagers.

Place bets

The betting is another key difference between the two games. Poker players can place bets before and after each card is dealt. Before the next card is revealed, the pot must have the same amount from all players. Teen Patti has a set minimum stake that is agreed upon before the game begins. There’s no need for players to place bets all through the game.

How to control the pot

Poker players will try to control the amount of money in the pot, as well as the poker pot’s growth. Because players have the ability to employ different strategies, this is possible. Players will use their knowledge of their hand and make predictions about the hands of other players to control the pot. They then decide the size of the next round’s bet.

Similarities between Teen Patti & Holdem

Teen Patti and Texas Holdem have very similar origins. They are both forms of poker, with cards being dealt and bets being placed. The goal of each game is the highest possible card combination. These games can be played with 52 cards. The stakes are set before the game begins so players can budget accordingly.

Both games conclude with a showdown. All players who are still playing will get together to play. The game will be won by the player who has the best combination. They will also collect the pot. If all players except one stop fighting for the pot, both games will have a winner. This is an exception to the rule that the winning player does not have to show their hand.


Both games are exciting, despite the differences. Although they require different skills, both are about analysing the game to determine when it is best to place another wager and how large that bet should be. Both are equally enjoyable to play. Both are up to your personal preference. We recommend trying both.